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Hardwired AC Powered Dual Flush Toilet Flush Valve

Model #: 6067721, 6068721
Collection: Selectronic


  • 1.07 / 0.9 gpf (4.8 / 4.2 Lpf) Dual Flush Toilet
Flush Valve

Features and Innovations

MSRP: $845

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Model Numbers

Main Fixtures

  • 6067721 - Hardwired AC Powered Dual Flush Toilet Flush Valve
    Estimated List Price: $845
    • Includes UL approved Hard-Wired AC
      transformer (electrical box by others)
    • 11-1/2" (292mm) Rough-in
    • Can be installed left or right handed
  • 6068721 - Multi AC Powered
    Estimated List Price: $845
    • Includes 10' (3048mm) extension cable
    • One transformer can operate up to 15 flush valves and/or faucets at one time

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