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Sure they have a whirlpool at the health club, but that’s too far for comfort (not to mention, co-ed). What you need is an American Standard whirlpool, one that’s designed to accommodate your routine as well as your rituals. But whether you decide to take the whirlpool plunge, or stick with a bathtub, here are a few things to consider.

Whirlpool Jets.

Comfort Jets
Whirlpool jets should surround and soothe the entire body. American Standard offers Comfort Jets that lay flat against the surface of the whirlpool. So they won’t poke. They also offer the perfect 50/50 ratio of air to water and allow flow rates to be adjusted individually.

Air Spa Jets
Designed to excite the skin and massage the body, our new Air Spa Jets generate millions of flowing, warm air bubbles to create a unique form of gentler hydrotherapy. Best of all, this exclusive, patented America Standard technology can be yours for a fraction of the cost of other effervescent tubs currently found in high-end showrooms.

All of American Standard whirlpools feature the industry’s only lifetime warranty, with free-in home warranty repairs, guaranteed. American Standard’s proven track record is supported by our National Warranty Program and National Service Agent Network.

Space can be a problem when remodeling an existing bathroom. A slim, 5’ long whirlpool can be a solution. American Standard’s Cambridge is 5’ long and even offers recessed installation.

Would you like to share your whirlpool or keep it to yourself? Many of our whirlpools follow the contours of your body. Some provide ample room for two.

Bathroom fixtures set the tone for your total bathroom look. Your toilet, lavatory and whirlpool can have design elements that harmonize with each other.

Water Usage
Whirlpools can hold a lot of water, up to 90 gallons which can raise two issues. First, if you live in an area with water shortages, you might consider a smaller model. Second, it may use more water than your hot water heater can hold. Ask your plumber. A second heater can be easily installed or consider an in-line bath heater.

Your floor may need extra reinforcement to support the added water weight.

American Standard whirlpools feature two power systems. System I, with a 1 hp single-speed pump and motor, and a deck mounted on/off control. And System II, with a 2 hp, two-speed pump and motor, along with an electronic on/off control, 20-minute built-in shutoff, night light and optional in-line heater.

Safety Features
Safety should be an important consideration. All American Standard whirlpool systems are completely UL® listed and approved. Not just individual components. A dedicated circuit is necessary for the pump, and your electrician should install a ground fault circuit interrupter. If it detects a short, it immediately shuts off the power.

Non-slip Surface
All our whirlpools offer a built-in, non-slip surface for added safety.

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