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Glossary of Terms

Looking around the American Standard website or at a brochure and see a term you’re not familiar with? You’ll probably find it here.

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Faucet Trim: All of the decorative parts to your faucet, such as handles, wall plate, spout, etc.

Female Threads: The threads of the pipe are on the inside.

Fixture: China piece only, without trim and/or fittings.

Flapper: Disc-like composite rubber seal that retains water in a toilet tank. During the flushing cycle, it is lifted to release water from the tank into the toilet bowl for a complete flushing cycle.

Floor Flange: Cast iron, PVC, ABS or metal ring located flush to the floor and is connected to the drain pipe which the toilet is fastened to. (Offset floor flange allows waste pipe to remain at existing rough but will move flange out approximately 2".)

Flush Tower: Patented American Standard tower that releases water into the bowl. This patented innovation provides the most powerful flush possible while using precisely 1.6 gallons of water. There’s no chain and flapper, so there’s no more jiggling the handle.

Flush valve: A special form of valve located at the bottom of a toilet tank, used to discharge the water from the tank into a water closet or urinal.

Flushometer valve: System used in our pressure assisted toilets Air trapped inside an enclosed tank is compressed as water refills the tank after it is flushed.. When the toilet is flushed, the air releases like a tightly wound spring, surging the water into the bowl at high velocity. The crest of this torrent empties bowl contents in less than 4 seconds, and pushes them through the drainline.

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