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Glossary of Terms

Looking around the American Standard website or at a brochure and see a term you’re not familiar with? You’ll probably find it here.

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Plunger Repair Kit: Depending upon model-may contain plunger, clip, seat, o-ring to seal top of water control to body of water control. If the float rod is lifted up and the water keeps running, using a Plunger Repair Kit may stop water from running in the tank via the refill tube. Newer models do not have a plunger repair kit option, as it is relatively inexpensive to replace the entire water control.

Pressure Assisted Toilet: Utilizes the power of the flushometer valve to create a powerful siphonic flushing action. Water fills a sealed tank inside the chinaware tank creating pressure by displacing air within this sealed tank. When the push button or trip lever is activated, the water, under pressure, rapidly thrusts or pushes waste and water through the bowl. The entire flushing process occurs very quickly (about 4 seconds).

Pressure balance: Pressure balanced shower valves protect you from drastic temperature changes should someone flush a toilet while you are in the shower.

Pressurized flushing device: A product that uses the force contained within the water supply to create a pressurized discharge to flush fixtures and which is exclusive of gravity type flushing systems. Flushometer valves and flushometer tanks (pressure assist) are examples of pressurized flushing devices.

PSI: Pounds per square inch. Measures the pressure of the water supply as it enters a building.

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