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Water Efficiency - Think Green

For generations, clients have come to industry professionals like us, with expectations on how to source fixtures and faucets that deliver their needs, solve their problems, and look beautiful all in one product. Now, our clients are becoming more educated and involved with the wider picture and are asking about things such as water efficiency rebates, LEED credits, green choices, and a whole host of climate related topics that we need to be able to answer with professionalism.

Stephen Collette BBEC, LEED AP - Principal

Stephen Collette BBEC,
LEED AP - Principal

Your Healthy House
Indoor Environmental Testing & Building Consulting

The good news is that American Standard is answering these questions for professionals like us, and our customers by providing water wise solutions with their Flowise high efficiency product program. Having one source for all your water efficiency needs helps you deliver green choices faster and more cost effectively to your clients. American Standard now makes it easier for all professionals to achieve their green goals while respecting the environment for future generations.


  • Canadians consume the 2nd highest amount of water in the world at 335 Litres (74 gallons) per person per day.
  • Canadians consume 35% of that in the shower and bath, and 30% on flushing the toilet.
  • Water use in the 20th century increased more than sixfold, and continues to increase about twice as fast as the human population is increasing.

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