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Washbrook 0.125 GPF Urinal with Selectronic FV

Model #: 6590525, 6590001
Collection: Flowise


This Ultra High Efficiency 0.125 GPF (0.5 Lpf) urinal system saves 87% of water usage when compared to standard 1.0 gpf (3.8 Lpf) urinal. Flow regulator guarantees proper flush volume, regardless of water pressure, without the need for time consuming adjustments.

System includes:

0.125 GPF Washbrook® Urinal (Model # 6590.125)
  • Flushing rim
  • Elongated 14" rim from finished wall
  • Washout flush action
  • Extended side for privacy
  • 3/4" top spud
  • Outlet connection threaded 2" inside (NPTF)
  • 2 wall hangers
  • Strainer included
  • Meets ANSI flush requirements at 0.125 gpf

    0.125 GPF Selectronic® Urinal Flush Valve (Model # 6063.013)
  • Flow regulator on the valve outlet guarantees proper flush volume, regardless of water pressure, without the need for adjustment.
  • Electronic flush valve with Selectronic proximity system for hygienic “Hands Free” operation
  • Operates on DC Power (battery included)
  • Self-Cleaning Piston helps prevent clogging & reduces maintenance
  • Fully Mechanical Manual Override Button can flush during a power outage
  • Fail-Safe - valve automatically closes on loss of power; remains closed during start-up
  • Stadium Feature - valve automatically switches to water savings mode during periods of heavy usage
  • Sanitary Flush - valve automatically flushes after 24 hours of non-use to maintain trap seal & clean fixture
  • Can be installed left or right handed
  • Chrome-plated

Features and Innovations

MSRP: $1,148

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Model Numbers

Main Fixtures

  • 6590525 - Washbrook FloWise 0.125 GPF Electronic Urinal System
    Estimated List Price: $1148
    • 3/4" Top Spud Urinal
    • 11-1/2" Rough-In
    • DC operated flush valve (Battery included)
    • 2 wall hangers included
    • Strainer included

Required Components

  • 6590001 - Universal Top spud
    Estimated List Price: $462

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